...in the hope that they might experience at second-hand the delights and dangers of adventure" (Agatha Christie)

That is the dedication Agatha Christie wrote for her book "The Secret Adversary", which I spontaneously bought at the train station yesterday. I thought it is brilliant, both the dedication and the book. I don't think I have actually read her books in English before, and now I really look forward to reading more of them. "The Secret Adversary" might have some unlikely twists in the story, but it is very well written.

In fact, I think I'll add "own all Agatha Christie books" to my list of things I want to achieve in life, next to "all the Adventures of Tintin" by Herge. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be so easy. What I found on ebay here is quite fragmented (ie no collections, and buying them one by one on ebay seems ineffective), and books currently sold are outrageously expensive (like 25€ for a rather thin collection of four of her stories - consider that the complete Sherlock Holmes is available for 10€). Also, she apparently wrote more than 100 books (I guess I will also count ebooks towards my goal). It is also not obvious what editions I should get.

The local library was quite a letdown, too. Besides "The Secret Adversary" they only had "Murder On The Orient Express" in my local branch - much as I like it, I must have seen it about a million times as a movie on TV.

I am not sure how exactly I'll carry out that goal. Of course I could buy all the Tintin cartoons and Agatha Christie books right away, but somehow it doesn't feel right. I guess I have to collect them by and by. Something to look forward to.